This website is mostly about providing content related to Engineering Management. I don’t gather user information and logins, I don’t support comments, I don’t have cookies to track anything. Even so I do integrate with other sites and services that do. Mainly I have a integration with Google Analytics to have some statistics about the visitors of the site. I do follow the advised guidelines on minimizing required information. For example, the user IP is anonymised. This means that I can see what people are doing on the site, but I can’t associate usage patterns to specific users.

I may also embed content from other sites on my posts: videos from Youtube, or tweets from Twitter. When I can, I disable the tracking on those integrations.

I generate my website using Hugo and follow their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines.

Mailing list

Users can subscribe to my mailing list. The email is required and will be stored on my MailChimp account. I do have access to those emails but I hereby promise I won’t sell them or use them out of context.

It is possible to unsubscribe at any time.

MailChimp will automatically send a monthly email with all the posts that I published during that time. I may also send other emails, but they will be related with the topic of the site.

I may have links and references to products where I specify an affiliate link. This means that if you go from this site to the referenced product, they will have a reference back and will know where people come from. This may allow me to receive commissions on sold items.