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04-06 Find a mentor (or a couple of them)
04-02 High throughput pull request reviews
03-26 Performance appraisal methods
03-19 Less opinions, more hypotheses
03-12 Scaling engineering teams by Nuno Silva
03-05 Unique interview questions to ask interviewers
02-26 Lead Gameplay Programmer interview: João Pataca Oliveira - Ubisoft
02-19 My favorite programming interview questions
02-12 Software engineering KPIs
02-05 Decision log: result based APIs
01-29 Developer speed versus team speed
01-23 Suffering as a source of progress
01-16 We should track our decisions in a decision log
01-11 Leveling up developers
01-08 If you love them, let them go! by Ricardo Vladimiro


12-31 2018 in review
12-18 Consultant interview: Erik Dietrich - DaedTech LLC
12-12 Alliance framework
11-21 Consultant interview: Markus Schirp
11-14 Postmortem culture
11-13 Developer interview: Andre Macedo - Mercedes-Benz.io
11-06 Common project usage: Makefile API
10-31 First impressions: mutation testing
10-23 Zero bug policy
10-21 Product manager interview: Sofia Gonçalves - Resolver
10-16 The power of abstractions
10-14 Recruiter interview: Goncalo Sequeira - Mercedes-Benz.io
09-25 Manager interview: Pedro Santos - AMA
09-18 Darkest company
09-12 Being reactive, proactive and forecasting
09-04 Agile as a side effect of continuous improvement
09-02 Manager interview: Ricardo Vladimiro - Miniclip
08-27 Coach interview: Monika Wojtasinska-Felicio - TEAMmatters
08-22 How to convince others that we are right
08-20 Manager interview: Hugo Lopes - James
08-15 Bug that was not our mistake, except it was
08-08 The importance of setting goals
08-06 Manager interview: Joao Cavalheiro - SUSE
07-31 Quarterly training plan
07-22 Rock Star interview: Ricardo Fiel - Microsoft
07-18 RFC driven development
07-11 Working smart versus working hard
07-03 My framework for one-on-ones
06-27 How can we tell if we're satisfied with our day to day work?
06-19 Production incident's training program
06-12 The most effective way to implement company values and habits
06-10 Developer interview: David Amador - Upfall Studios
06-05 What impacts our productivity?
06-04 Senior data scientist interview: Raquel H Ribeiro
05-29 Leaving our comfort zone
05-24 Atlassian team playbook
05-19 Continuous learning mindset
05-15 Manager Interview: Nuno Silva - Sky
05-12 Code patterns that are a recipe for trouble (part 2)
05-08 Code patterns that are a recipe for trouble (part 1)
04-28 Recruiter interview: Sara Gorjão - KWAN
04-25 Do you feel recognised at your company?
04-21 Developer interview: Tiago Sousa - Sky
04-07 Create an onboarding template
03-30 That project where no one wants to work at
03-24 Dealing with deadlines
03-18 From Rails to Clojure, then to Java, then back to Rails
02-03 Why should we aim for 100% code coverage?
01-05 How to take great engineers & make them great technical leaders
01-05 Are you a giver or a taker