Bug that was not our mistake, except it was

This past week I was pair programming. We had to implement a service object that deletes a model. We actually did it pretty fast and well. It had tests, linter was pleased and we were ready to push it when we noticed that our coverage was not 100% (and we do like 100%, with all its pros and cons).

But we didn’t understand why, because this module should be fully covered. In fact the code was covered when we ran just the suite for that class, but was not covered when we ran the full suite.

Quarterly training plan

Having a continuous learning mindset is very important. To reap the most benefits we should make a plan and have goals on what to learn.

Time bound goals

Wanting to learn new things or accomplish something without a deadline may end up being wishful thinking. If we set a date and a goal we have better chances of achieving it. Imagine that we want to learn Japanese. It’s important to time bound that goal. If we instead say that we want to learn Japanese in one year we start to have a clear picture of what we’ll need to invest in terms of our routine.