Agile as a side effect of continuous improvement

I never paid much attention to the agile movement. I’ve worked with SCRUM and other methodologies and always had some issues with them. They always felt more like a control structure than an improvement by itself. I do remember the first time we used SCRUM. It felt like a breeze. That wasn’t because of SCRUM itself but rather because using any kind of organisational model when we have none, is always an improvement.

But I did feel much constraints using it. I’d say that maybe we never used it properly. But I do feel that SCRUM is great at some things, like managing risk, but not good at others: like productivity. It helps a lot when we need to build tailor made software to a specific client. When we are sharing the risk with the client and the client pays by the sprint.

Manager interview: Ricardo Vladimiro - Miniclip

I met Ricardo Vladimiro a long time ago when I was active in the gamedev Portuguese scene. I actually had the pleasure of working with him in his startup where we developed several games.

At some point I went back to the web applications world and he started his journey at Miniclip where he turned to data science and grew as a manager. He is a good friend and a good mentor.

Coach interview: Monika Wojtasinska-Felicio - TEAMmatters

I met Monika because Ricardo Fiel had referenced me as a team leader. We talked about topics related with leading teams because Monika is preparing training topics for leaders.

I really liked talking with her and felt that I could have so much to learn. Being more focused on executing I sometimes feel that I lack in the theory part.

She works at TEAMmatters where she helps companies change for the better. I learned a lot on this interview and hope it will also be useful for you.