Rock Start interview: Ricardo Fiel - Microsoft

I first met Ricardo Fiel when I was taking my degree at ISEL. Then we had different career paths, but ended up working at the same company. He was CTO at RUPEAL and I was a lead developer.

We worked closely for a couple of years. The most vivid memory I have of Fiel is that even though we didn’t always see eye to eye, we always had good discussions and were able to overcome obstacles.

I learned a lot with him and at this day I still look up to him for advices and mentoring.

Working smart versus working hard

Working hard versus working smart

I believe we can split work into two categories: creative work, and regular work. To have a healthy work day we should be able to do both. But regular work is much easier and less demanding. I think both of them can be productive but working smart yields the best results mid to long term.